Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Art Show

Yesterday was my first art show. I did not know what to expect.

I showed up with three pieces. Conan, Don Draper, and Elvis. They were framed really nicely. Thank you so much Frankie for all your advice.

A fellow artist named Jun, said I was "so green". Since I did not even have any business cards with me. I had a sign up sheet so I could email people that were interested in my work.

Fellow artists gave me tips on how to set up my work. It was a great vibe being there.

Then all my friends and family started showing up and it was amazing. The night went by so quick. I got four contacts and got to see people's reaction to my drawings. Everyone was so nice, but you really can't go to an art show and tell someone they suck, can you?

People gave me great advice: Send Conan your drawing. Maybe he would wear it as a tshirt.

Thank you all for making me feel like an artist.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kinko's @ 11 p.m.

Met a nice guy at Kinko's. He was there to pick up something and I was getting my stuff for the art show.

He asked about my drawings and then he asked where he could buy one of my prints! It was such a great feeling. I directed him to this blog. (Hello kind sir).

Anyone can access my Etsy shop on the right hand side now.

He also suggested I send my Don Draper drawing to Matthew Weiner. I think I will follow his advice.