Saturday, December 17, 2011


Time for another process post. This piece was commissioned as a Christmas gift. Thank you Ern. The request was for a drawing on a white background with a touch of pastel pink somewhere.

Step one:

These were the pictures that where given to me to choose from. I considered them all. I look for the one that draws my eye the most, that shows the most character, and would be funnest for me to draw. I choose the left one; I liked how massive the hat was, the biting on the glasses, and the curve of her neck/back.

I then sketched out a thumbnail which I have somehow misplaced :(. See the Kobe post for an example.

Step two:
Drawing the facial features.

I start with the eyes, then the nose and mouth.

Step Three:
The shape of the face.

I played around with some different shapes but decided on the bottom right one. It matched my thumbnail the most.

Step Four:
The body.

I placed the face on top of the original picture because I was not getting the correct feel for the curve and proportions. Notice how I changed the jaw and dropped the curve at the edge of the lips (it was making her look older).

Step Five:
The sunglasses and hand.

I was almost done laying the drawing out when my wife noticed how bad the positioning of the hand seemed. she recommended I move it closer to the body and it made all the difference. I added the pink to the lips and that sealed the drawing.