Monday, September 26, 2011


Kobe was a piece commissioned by a coworker. It was asked for a long time ago before I began selling my work. Once I began getting orders I decided to create this drawing.

Here is the process:

First I searched thru images on google to find a couple that I felt captured his spirit.

These are the ones I chose.

Then I start sketching the drawing out with pen or pencil. It is very rough. Almost a thumbnail.

I then scanned my sketch into the computer and start tracing with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. Here is where all the work and time is really spent. Making shapes appear like hand drawings is something I have become very good at.

It is click here and click there. Use this tool and that one. Combine shapes and send shapes to the back. And all that computer jazz.

As I work I begin thinking about the colors. I pull colors from the pictures and adjust them to my liking. I then start the "inking" process. Making the drawing look like it has been inked.

Here is sample of what traditional inking is.

Notice the pencils on the left and then the inking on the right. In traditional comics you ink and then you color.

In my work I color and then I "ink".

I then added the background to make it appear like he was on the basketball court playing in front of his Laker fans.

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