Thursday, September 15, 2011

My First Commission

It was 2 years ago that a friend had given me a framed picture of one of my drawings as a Christmas gift exchanged. It was then that ideas of having my drawings hung up on a wall began to fill my mind.

My first paid commission was requested by another friend who now runs a bakery shop. She was the first to offer me actual money for one of my digital drawings. She paid for an Edward Cullen for her mother-in-law and then asked me to do an original drawing.

She wanted to give her "compadres" a drawing of her goddaughter. I was flattered to be given such a task. I was worried that the final image would not be any good. Self-esteem issues where plaguing my mind. I wanted to give up and say I was not up to the challenge.

I persevered and finished the drawing. I was nervous to hear the feedback. When she saw it she loved it. She even gave me more money than I had asked for.

Later at a wedding the parents came up to me and thanked me for the beautiful drawing I had made for them. It was a special moment.

Thank you friends for encouraging me begin my journey.

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